Project Description

Week 06: Porcelain Espresso Cups

Coffee anyone? These porcelain cups are just perfect for a good Italian espresso! The blank sets were made by mano design and I designed the surface.

For the patterns I used motifs, which were screen printed on a ceramic film before. Mano Design offered  a wide range of motifs, like flowers, animals, cartoons … Of course, I chose geometric shapes and stayed with circles and lines in the end.

The motifs are quite easy affixed to the cup:

– Cut out the motif

– Put it into the water and wait 5 seconds

– Take it out of the water again

– Release the liner

– Lay the motif on the ceramic surface and put in place

– Let it dry

– Fire porcelain

Appetite for more fine things made of porcelain? Check out mano design :o)

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Porcelain Espresso Cups




Ceramic Film for Screen Printing



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