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Week 02: Plus and Plus

Starting motif for the second project was again the plus sign. This time I chose a half drop repeat. The color choice: Red and mint. Mint is actually none of my favorite colors, but it´s a trend color and sometimes I like to try new things.

Like the first project this pattern was also produced in our school´s screenprinting workshop. Before sewing the bags the fabric was coated with odicoat. It creates an oil cloth feel and makes the fabric water restistant. The gel is supereasy to use!

Producing the zipper bags was quite a challenge, because it was the first time after 25 years I´ve been sewing something. For the next time I definitely have to check out how the zipper foot works.

Oil cloth feel
Coating a fabric with odicoat

Small zipper bags
You want to produce your own zipper bags? No problem. Here are the instructions!

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Plus and Plus


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