Project Description

Week 04: Origami Box

Starting motif for the pattern is kind of a star in black and white which is repeated in a block repeat. The coloring defines the look of the pattern.

I used a color palette found on my pinterest board. Currently I tend to collect lots of greens, petrols, turquoise and pink tones. I guess, I´m the biggest pinterest fan on earth. I simply loooove it! Back in the eighties and nineties it was hard work to create brilliant color palettes or find beautiful pictures for moodboards. You had to scan hundreds of magazines and books, copy pages and cut them out. With Pinterest it has become very easy.

For producing the packaging I took an old box I collected years ago. Find the folding instructions for the boxes on my blog!

By the way I did this project with my students, too. And they came up with new folding ideas. Can´t wait to see your own version of this origamibox. Post it on instagram #geometriaorigamibox 🙂

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