Hi there,

I´m Eugénie Hadinoto

Graphic Designer, Pattern Nerd, Teacher, Coffee Junkie, Cat Mom

Taking time off every seven years like Stefan Sagmeister. Sounds perfect, but it´s not possible for me. That is why I founded this platform: 52 Weeks of Creating Patterns and Products. My personal „weekly sabbatical“. It gives me the opportunity to do the things I love: Creating patterns, exploring new production technologies and learning new things. The projects develop alongside my job as a graphic designer and teacher for surface pattern design.

In the project descriptions you’ll find more information and a closer look behind the scenes!

My Story

Currently I work as an independent graphic designer and I teach at an institute for higher technical education. My subjects are surface pattern design, graphic design, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

My youngest students are 14 years old and my oldest student was 67 years old. Alongside all of that, I’m living out my passion for pattern design.

I completed my 5-yearlong pattern design schooling in the 1980’s – without computers! Nowadays I can’t imagine working without one. Even my analogue pattern experiments end up on the computer sooner or later.

At the moment I don’t sell my patterns or products. This gives me the freedom to work freely and concentrate on the creative part. I don’t want to worry about collections, trends, portfolios, marketing, production, sales figures etc. Maybe next year ;o)

This and That

Here’s a little insight into my everyday life as a designer.

// Things I would also do for free:
Graphic design, surface pattern design, teaching

// I like all colours,
As long as they contain a little black

// My favourite geometric shape:
The circle

// Less is more.
That is why I like the swiss graphic designs from the 1950s and 1960s

// My design heroes:
Graphic design: Josef Müller Brockmann, Tom Eckersly, Jan Tschichold …
Pattern design: Josef Frank, Josef Hoffmann, Koloman Moser, William Morris, Owen Jones …

// Favourite Illustrators:
Kay Nielsen, Erté, Winsor McCay, Ernst Haeckel …

// My #1 computer program:
Obviously Adobe Illustrator

// Favourite everyday hobbies:
Knitting, knitting, knitting …

// Today I’m wearing
A self-knitted grey jumper and a denim skirt

// My background
Pattern Design and Fashion Illustration (VET-Diploma)
Business Administration (MBA)
Art & Economy (MAS)
Shiatsu Practitioner (Diploma)

// Nothing works without
Coffee and enough sleep, healthy food, smoothies, good friends, Skillshare, books, travelling and my cat

52 Weeks Of Creating Patterns and Products

Every week new patterns and products. At least that‘s the challange.

Designing patterns > Producing materials > Creating products
In the project descriptions below you’ll find more information about each project and
a closer look into behind the scenes!


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