// Why the challenge?

My patterns usually develop while I’m working as a graphic designer and teacher and I have no time to take them one step further.

So far most of my ideas and pattern designs have ended up in some drawer or file and nobody has ever had the chance to see them. This challenge provides a platform for presenting my future pattern designs to you and and gives the opportunity to try out new ways of creating and producing.

// What’s it about?

The idea is to create 52 patterns and products during the year.

Originally, I planned on doing all parts of the production in one week, but this is not possible. Sometimes the production process takes longer than one week. Few projects I will have to plan and produce in advance. You will find all the projects in the project book, which will be updated every week and of course in the Patterns & Products section. In addition there’ll be blogposts about the techniques I used and free printables.

// Why geometric?

I love to organize and arrange things.

That’s why I adore symmetry, repetition etc. as well as simple, basic shapes like circles, triangles or squares. And then there is this nice little quote by Paul Rand: „You can’t criticize geometry. It’s never wrong.“