Easy Zipper Pouch Tutorial

You can never have enough bags. Regardless of whether they’re made of cloth, leather, have been crocheted or felted –  you’ll certainly find stuff to fill it with. At least I do :).

Here you can find instructions on how to make your own makeup bag out of oilcloth. It makes the bag water repellent and less likely to become dirty.

For this tutorial you can either buy already waxed fabrics or coat your own fabrics at home, with Odicoat for example. Works great!

+ + +

You’ll need these materials


Rectangle: 22x25cm

Stripe: 10cm x zip-width

Zipper: 18cm

Sewing thread

Clamps (for example: Wonderclips)

+ + +

And this is how it works

1. Prepare the zipper.
Split the fabric stripe in two parts of the same size, both being 5 cm. Pin the parts with the right sides on the zipper and sew the parts together using straight stitches.

2. Sew the zipper and the rectangle with the right sides together. Tip: secure the two parts with clamps since needles could damage the wax.


3. Then sew the second edge.


4. Next, it’s time to close the side seams. You should open the zipper for this, since it will make the sewing easier. Important: Before you start sewing, fold the zipper extension fabric inwards.

5. Lastly, turn over the bag and pull out the corners.


You can download the pattern here!

Have fun filling the bag!