You are fascinated by geometrical patterns?
You want them to play a bigger part in your designs?
Then this is exactly where you need to be!

My contributions and tutorials will show you how to construct geometrical patterns quickly and with ease.
Next you are going to learn how to use repetition and color to turn them into an even, finished design.

I’m going to pass on all the experience I accumulated during my journey as designer. You will be able to benefit from the expertise I gathered teaching, experimenting and developing with my students.

I can teach you

:: about different possibilities for digitally creating geometrical forms
:: what kind of grids were formerly used for constructing historical patterns
:: what kind of basic repeating patterns there are
:: how to prepare patterns for production
:: bite sized advice for your own creative business

And now let me introduce myself.

I’m a Graphic designer and I also teach at a polytechnical school as well as a college.

My favorite program is Adobe Illustrator :o)
It’s perfect for geometrical patterns! I like creating patterns in Illustrator from scratch, but i do have a sketch book too, of course.

It’s amazing how easy it has become to start your own business in the creative branch nowadays. It wasn’t always like that. Not after completing my higher education at a polytechnical school (pattern design and fashion illustration) nor after my first university study (business management with focus on advertising and market research). Back then it was hardly possible to get access to the internet and computers weren’t really powerful yet.

Today all that has changed. For many of us creatives it is now possible to set up our own studio and make our visions come true. And that’s what I will support you with.




About me

Willkommen bei GEO MET RIA.

Mein Name ist Eugénie Hadinoto.

Ich bin Grafik Designerin und ein riesiger Muster Nerd.

Hier erwarten dich in Zukunft ganz viele Informationen und Tutorials zu den Themen »Geometrische Muster«, »Creative Business« und „Persönliches“.

Let´s connect!

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